Custom Surface Finishes in Tulsa, OK

Polished | Leathered & Brushed | Honed | Caressed

Granite has been featured in many structural designs and art in Tulsa, OK for years, and today's homeowners continue to turn to this commonly known natural stone for its sturdiness, strength, and beauty. Whether you're using it in the kitchen or bathroom, granite can transform the look and feel of your Tulsa, OK room with the color and finish type selected. Picking the perfect finish for your design isn't just a cosmetic choice. It can not only change the aesthetic of your stone, but it can also affect its durability, maintenance, and lifespan. The most common finish in Tulsa, OK granite can be polished, leathered, honed, and caressed. In order to achieve the desired finish, the slab must go through a finishing process where it goes through its finishing stages. The team at Tulsa Granite, LLC has been providing custom surface finishes such as our polishing and leathering to our Tulsa, OK community for years providing superb service with exceedingly satisfactory results. If you choose to go down our most popular polished finish found in design. It features a shiny and smooth surface that brings out the best color, depth, and unique characteristics of granite. Our honed finish, which is slowly gaining popularity, especially with modern Tulsa, OK homes, features a smooth premium surface with no bumps but without the polished reflection normally shown. Granite gets its matte appearance when the finishing process is stopped just before the slab becomes buffed. Give our friendly representatives in Tulsa, OK a call for more information about all of our unique custom surface finishes.


Residential Custom Surface Finishes in Tulsa, OK

Polished | Leathered & Brushed | Honed | Caressed

Our unique specialized residential custom surface finishes are what make our company stand out from the rest. Granite has seen rapid growth in popularity recently in Tulsa, OK, and understandably so. It has incredible sturdiness, longevity, strength, and little maintenance. With its abundant types and colors, it comes with incredibly unique custom finishes. Our services include but are not limited to, polishing, leathering, brushing, honing, and caressing. We have been the reliable custom surface finisher in Tulsa, OK for numerous years and have relied on word of mouth and referrals. Our customer service has proved reliable and satisfactory in our Tulsa, OK community. Our polished residential granite has a shiny, mirror-like look. It brings out the true color and depth behind your granite and can alter the tone of your surface's look. Our honed finish is exceedingly popular for modern Tulsa, OK spaces featuring a smooth surface with no bumps but not shiny. Our unique leathered and brushed finish has been popular in design and offers a soft sheen that is less than polished but includes a textured appearance. The stones' dimple-like textures are achieved when diamond-tipped brushes run on top of our honed granite. While it does retain more of its natural color, it's much more common in darker stones. Choosing the right finish for your home can be a difficult choice but should be influenced by your desired look and how you will enjoy the final aesthetic. But in the end, granite is still a high-performance, sturdy choice no matter what custom finish is selected for your Tulsa, OK home. Pick the one that suits your style and design.

Commercial Custom Surface Finishes in Tulsa, OK

Polished | Leathered & Brushed | Honed | Caressed

Choosing the right finish for your Tulsa, OK surface can be a tricky choice, but thankfully we at Tulsa Granite, LLC offer a variety of custom surface finishes. It's important to consider the care and maintenance needed for one's type of finish and lifestyle. Our polished granite finish is beautiful, elegant, and practical for commercial life in Tulsa, OK. The more durable finish can be a great choice for those who are actively on and using the granite, it's helpful in resisting stains, scratches, and substantial heat. Our honed and leathered finishes in Tulsa, OK are becoming increasingly more popular for their darker characteristics. While they are both durable options, there is still a great personal decision that comes on which is superior. Leathered granite provides a textured look and feel, yet some claim that it might be easier to care for than a honed finish. While it's always a good idea to see and feel the samples in person, it is more so for those considering one of these choices since the two textures are quite different in feel. Each of these popular granite finishes in Tulsa, OK come with their pros and cons, so a renovation for a commercial building might warrant a different choice than a much-needed modern update for a flip. But in the end, our granite finishers are high-performance natural appeal no matter what finish you select. Our experienced crew at Tulsa Granite, LLC in Tulsa, OK has been servicing custom commercial surface finishers. Give our crew a call for all your polishing, leathering, honing, caressing, and any other custom surface you need finished.

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